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Ice Follies!
Freeze water in three separate containers. Pop out ice blocks in a tub. Have the children touch the frozen water. What will make the ice melt? Does the ice melt when we touch it with our warm hands? Pour some salt over one,
sugar over another, and sand over the third. Which block will melt faster?

Tip: Add food coloring to the water before freezing! A different color for each block of ice!

Rubber Egg
Put a raw egg into a jar with vinegar. Make sure the egg is covered and leave for 48 hours. Remove egg from jar and let children feel the egg. Will the egg bounce? Take it outside and see!

Have 2 glass jars with water. Put 4 tablespoons of salt in one jar. Add a hard boiled egg to each jar. What happened to the egg in the non-salt water? What is happening to the egg in the salt water? Continue to add salt in the salt water until the egg floats in the middle of the jar.

Marbled Milk
2% milk
small saucer
food coloring (in the squeeze bottles, several different colors)
liquid dish soap
Pour the milk into the saucer to cover the bottom. Place 5 to 7 drops of different colored food coloring onto the milk. Next place one drop of the liquid detergent in the middle of the mixture. What happened? Why? (water and oil do not mix. By adding the dish detergent, it breaks down the fat molecules in the milk and allows the food coloring to spread!

Water & Oil Experiment
~Put water(colored with food coloring) and oil in a bottle and talk about why they don't mix. Let children shake the bottle up and see what happens.

Ice Sculptures
Put water in a pitcher. Give each child a container (different sizes and shapes) and label with each child name. Have each child pour water in the container (leaving room at the top for water to expand). "Add one or two drops of food coloring into the water. Put the container overnight to freeze. Pop the frozen sculptures out of their containers. Place the ice sculptures inside a tub and watch them throughout the day. What is happening?

Paint with Air.
Let children blow watered down tempra paint across construction paper to paint it.

Magnet Fun!

~ Set out items that are magnetic and not magnetic along with a magnet and two boxes (or other container) one labled with a magnet. Let the children sort out which items are magnetic and not magnetic.
~Take magnifying glasses outside and allow children to observe objects they find outside with them.
~Painting with magnets: paint, box, magnets, paper, metal object. Put a piece of paper in the box and put a few drops of thinned paint around the paper. Now place a metal object on the paper and move a magnet across the
underside of the box.

Colorful Water Bottle
Fill a small pop bottle with water. Add sparkles, bits of plastic, small waterproof toys. Place lid on tightly! Shake the bottle. What happens to the things inside? Try putting clear corn syrup in a bottle. What happens to the items inside when you shake the bottle?

A Fish Race
Fill a large tub with water. Cut out several colorful fish shapes(about 2" long) from cardboard. Hole punch a hole in the tail of each fish. Place all the fish in the water at one end of the tub. Add a drop of liquid soap into the "hole" in teach fish's tail. What happens to the fish?? Are they swimming?? Have extra fish on hand so the kids can repeat the experiment several times!! You will need to change the water each time too!

Sink vs Float
Fill a dish pan, baby tub,or wading pool with water. Supply several objects for children to test for sinking or floating
Ask the children what will happen if I put this in the water? Will it sink or float? Discuss why some things float and some things sink.

Shake Picture
Construction paper
liquid tempera paint
large jar with lid
Cut the paper small enough to fit into the bottom of the jar. Put several drops of paint in the jar, and replace the lid. Shake the jar vigorously. Remove the painting and let dry. The Science: For every action there is a reaction. Shaking the jar causes the paint to react to the action of the shaking and to interact with the paper. It also takes energy from muscles to make the paint move round in the jar. Whenever the paint hits the paper it will stick in random patterns because the paper is absorbent which means the solid paper is soaking up the liquid paint.

Invisible Drawings
White Crayon or Candle
White paper
Water colors
Have children draw pictures with the crayon or candle on the white paper. Then let them paint over their drawings with the watercolors and watch their picture magically appear!

Ice Magic
Suspend an ice cube in a glass of water. Have the children take a piece of string, lay it across the ice and try to pick up the ice with the string. They won't be able to do this. Tell them to lay the piece of string on the ice again and have them sprinkle a pinch of salt over the string. Count to 10 and lift the string. sticks ! Have fun watching their expressions. Be prepared to do it over and over again.

Bean Sprouts
Take a paper towel and fold it so that there are 4 equal sections. Moisten the paper towel and place it into a small ziplock baggie. Have the children put in two lima beans per baggie. Tape the baggies to the window so that they are exposed to sunlight and watch your beans sprout.

Indian Corn
Put an ear of Indian corn in a dish of water and it will sprout many little sprouts on the ear.

Use a clean dry ice cube tray and pour Sprite or any clear carbonated soda in each cube holder. Let each child put one jellybean in one cube. Freeze until hardened. Then let the children see what happened to the ice cubes. It's really neat to see.

Mystery Mess
Cornstarch, water, measuring cup, bowl, spoon, food coloring. Put 1 cup of cornstarch in the bowl. Slowly stir in water to make it the right consistency - the mixture should be stiff to pick up and then turn runny in your hand. Add a few drops of food coloring to your mixture. Try to pick up your mystery mess with your hands and play with it.

Dancing Raisins
Raisins and clear soda like Gingerale, Sprite, Seven-up. Fill clear glass with soda. Drop 3 or 4 raisins in the glass. Watch very carefully to see what the raisins will do.

A Magnifying Glass

A magnifying glass is grand
To study things on hand,
Like catepillars, oh, so fat,
and snails and things like that.

A magnifying glass is keen
To study what can't be seen,
Like ants that crawl upon the ground,
and bugs that creep around.

A magnifying glass is right
To study what's in sight,
Like fingers, toes, and people's hands,
and thinge like rubber bands.

Now if you have one like me,
How busy you must be!
With many things so tiny and small,
You're sure to see them all.

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